Change Log

Version rv12.b - Released Thursday, August 8th 2013 11.27AM -05:00

  1. 1.6.2 Only - Fixed NEI Plugin to work with new NEI Builds ( if you get a crash please update NEI )
  2. 1.6.2 Only - Two Stage ID Loading is back.
  3. 1.6.2 Only - Fixed bug with facades not dropping.
  4. Fixed a bug with IC2 Painter integration
  5. Fixed issue with Tiny TNT not disabling.
  6. Crafting monitor should now properly report missing materials again.
  7. Removed Logging from villagers.
  8. Fixed a bug with IMCs.
  9. Fixed bug with Matter cannon knock back.

Version rv12.a - Released Friday, August 2nd 2013 7.51PM -05:00

  1. Added Ender Pearl Dust ( OreDictionary compatible dustEnderPearl )
  2. Ender Pearl Dust can be made in Crusher / Pulveriser / Macerator / and Grindstone.
  3. Added Quantum Entangled Singularities (QE-Singularities)
  4. Added Quantum Link Chamber
  5. Added Quantum Field Ring
  6. Can now create QE-Singularities by exploding Singularities with Ender Pearl Dust
  7. Fix issue with some items not being removed from ME Terminal.
  8. Fixed Quartz / Dust that spawns in minecraft chests.
  9. TPlane's now save their buffer in NBT Data
  10. TPlane now white lists, spawners, silver fish, ice, leafs, and tall grass by default.
  11. Added Quantum Network Bridge Multiblock Placing QE Entangled Singularities in two bridges will result in a network connection as long as both sides remain powered and active.
  12. Fixed a rendering glitch in some GUIs with certain mod items.
  13. Added Quartz Glass
  14. Added Config option enableTPlane
  15. Added Config option enableMAC
  16. Added Config option enableQNB
  17. Added Config option enableImportBus
  18. Added Config option enableExportBus
  19. Added Config option enableStorageBus
  20. Added Config option enableCrafting
  21. Added Config option enableWirelessAccess
  22. Added Config option enableLevelEmitter
  23. Added Config option enableStorageMonitor
  24. Added Config option enableCraftingTerm
  25. Added IMC add-grindable ( for modders )
  26. Added IMC blacklist-cell ( for modders )
  27. Added IMC blacklist-transitionplane ( for modders )
  28. Added IMC whitelist-transitionplane ( for modders )
  29. Added Logging option to help find the cause of Concurrent Modification Exceptions.
  30. Fixed Crash with breaking a block as its GUI is opening.
  31. Fixed bug with Storage Buses Filters and Intefaces
  32. Fixed some obscure/obtuse MAC formation bugs.
  33. Storage buses can now be configured to be Read/Write/Read and Write
  34. Fixed a few bugs involving storage buses and their settings.
  35. Added Tiny TNT ( can disable block damage in the config, can also disable block by setting blockid to -1 )
  36. Added Config enableTinyTNTBlockDamage
  37. Fixed issue with localization of "Linked" and "Unlinked"
  38. Fixed Crash caused by Items in ME Chests not being Storage Cells.
  39. Quantum Network Bridges are inventories, and can be automated.
  40. Fixed a bug that would allow network access after a block loses connection.
  41. Tiny TNT now is 'extinguished' by water.
  42. Added Vibrant Quartz Glass.
  43. Fixed bug with Bees and import buses
  44. Fuzzy Buses now ignore special handlers ( Bees Comparisons ) when set to "Ignore Damage" mode
  45. Tweaked display on Crafting Monitors to hopefully improve displayed results
  46. Fixed an issue with condenser not condensing when items are extracted.
  47. Fixed an issue with power usage from armor when power is disabled.
  48. Fixed a bug that would cause extra materials to be crafted during a complex crafting job.
  49. Fixed issue with AE items draining power with power disabled.
  50. Fixed some text issues.
  51. Network and performance optimizations related to large networks and network resets.
  52. Storage Monitors now correctly switch to Billion Display when a billion is surpassed.
  53. Added protection against rare crashes in other mods.
  54. Interfaces now check if an item can be crafted before requesting it to be crafted.
  55. 1.6.2 Only - Reenabled UE support
  56. 1.6.2 Only - Updated Buildcraft API ( fixes crash in rv11.e )
  57. 1.6.2 Only - Export Buses / Storage Buses no longer work with BC Pipes. ( hopefully temporary. )

Version rv11.e - Released Monday, July 15th 2013 1.38PM -05:00

  1. Fixed a bug with unwrenched interfaces sending items into other interfaces.
  2. Fixed a bug with crafting terminal buttons not working.
  3. Fixed a bug with tooltips changing the sky color in guis.
  4. Changed Pick Axe to Pickaxe.
  5. Fixed misspelling of Power Relay.

Version rv11.d - Released Wednesday, July 17th 2013 2.36PM -05:00

  1. Added Null Check for potentially bad items.
  2. Powered Screens are now 'brighter'
  3. Level Emitter torch appears to glow
  4. The MAC Opens to last open page on first open.
  5. Fixed minor oddity with cable model being inconsistent.
  6. Vibration Catalyst can now only 'smelt' fully smelt-able blocks. ( no partially smelt-able blocks )
  7. Fixed localization of the word "OF"
  8. Updated For better power API
  9. Fix for strange chunk loading / unloading behavior.
  10. Fixed a bug with the gui not updating as a storage cell is used to generate items in the Condenser.
  11. Fixed "Sort By Priority"
  12. Level Emitter can now save its settings.
  13. Hit boxes now work on individual parts of cables and buses.
  14. Fixed potential issue with T-Planes Black / White lists.
  15. Added Link and Unlinked Localization.
  16. Fixed an issue with crafting when processing the output from one cpu into another.
  17. Corrected and issue that could result in unloaded chunks reloading.
  18. Fixed a bug in the handling of block placement.
  19. Placing a colored cable on a bus, will change the color of the bus. ( in addition to placing the bus on the colored cable. )
  20. Fixed crash when editing a mac and opening the GUI very quickly
  21. Fixed a bug with ridding entities and using the matter cannon.
  22. ME Colored Blocks can now be painted with IC2 and GT Painters
  23. Facades on the Bus side of the various bus Blocks now render better.
  24. Added a small clear button on the Crafting Terminal Gui ( Space clicking still works )
  25. Interface -> Interfaces transactions now no longer use the Interfaces internal storage.
  26. 1.6.2 Only - Temporality Removed UE Support ( will be back )

Version rv11.c - Released Wednesday, July 3rd 2013 9.19PM -05:00

  1. Fixed bug with storage buses not updating storage when preformatting changed.
  2. Updated Storage Bus API to include a direction.
  3. Added A Storage Bus Handler for Pipes
  4. Switched to an AE WorldEvent Class instead of inheriting WorldEvent ( Flans Mod??? )
  5. Fixed several spelling mistakes.
  6. Fixed several crashes.
  7. Many performance enhancements.
  8. Fixed issue with access IC2 EnergyNet in client.
  9. Fixed issue with -1 OreID resulting in match.
  10. 99% Matching now acts more then 1 damage, for chargeables.
  11. Import/Export/Storage Buses now keep their settings when dismantled with a wrench.
  12. AE Blocks now correctly can accept IC2 "unlimited packet size"
  13. Fix bug with Level Emitter state being improperly configured at load.
  14. Stopped calling certain events on client side.
  15. Add Fuzzy Damage Modes.
  16. Fixed bug with Level Emitters.
  17. Fixed bug with Multipliers not resetting in export buses.
  18. Memory Usage Enhancements.
  19. Added some description to the errors for AppEngMissingTile
  20. Fixed shift clicking into partition editor fake slots.
  21. Controller power bar now glows in the dark.
  22. Cable flashes now persist for multiple frames and fade in / out.
  23. Fixed some Z-Fighting with the bus renders.
  24. Fixed issue with rendering a long distances from origin.
  25. Fixed Drives and Chests rendering.
  26. Fix quartz sword recipes?
  27. Fixed bug with wireless power draining.
  28. Added Logging for Block Updates
  29. Added a simple sum of all AE Related network data.
  30. Chest and Drive now use a blinky TESR to render their blinks, this should help greatly with FPS related issues.
  31. Added Tabs to xSize of the gui.
  32. Added Villager Trading for Certus Quartz, dust and silicon.
  33. Added enableQuartzTools as a config option - defaults to on.
  34. Fixed bug with condenser gui.
  35. Terminal now remembers scroll position after crafting gui.
  36. Fixed a few bugs related to wireless and power usage.
  37. Fixed a bug where the MAC would re-draw if nothing changed.
  38. Fixed several bugs with the Power usage of IO Ports
  39. Fixed a bug where a level emitter would re-draw if nothing had changed.
  40. Recipes which involves sticks can now use non-vanilla sticks.
  41. Optimization for in cable TESR
  42. Power can now be drained from any armor components.
  43. Fixed a bug in condenser so that the condenser now properly updates when items are pumped in.
  44. Minor api change.
  45. Improved logging of crafting.
  46. Added transaction logging.
  47. Fixed a bug with crafting tracking ( Thanks to Player for helping find and track it down. )
  48. Fixed a bug in Storage Bus which could result in infinite power drains.
  49. Added new API to allow for custom wireless terminals.
  50. Adding Missing Energy Translation String.
  51. Added rotateBlock Support to the Quartz Wrench.
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Certus Quartz Ore
Unmined certus quartz
Certus Quartz Crystal
Quartz crystal with qualtiies that allow it to store energy.
Certus Quartz Dust
Ground Certus Quartz Crystal
Quartz Grind Stone
Block which when used with a crank, can grind many ores and crystals into dusts.
ME Basic Processor
Crafting ingredient for a large amount of ME Technology.
ME Advanced Processor
Crafting ingredient for a some ME Technology.
Vibration Catalyst
Vibrates the molecules in the targeted block causing it to go though a process similar to smelting.
Entropy Accelerator
Accelerates the ageing and cools of a single block in the world.
ME Wireless Access Terminal
Wireless access terminal for use with wireless access points.
Matter Cannon
A small hand held device which is capable of shooting small nuggets of matter
Quantum Field Ring
Outer blocks of a quantum network bridge, take power and propagate network signal to and from the bridge
Quantum Entangled Singularity
A pair of items which are used to establish a connection between network bridges.
ME Pattern Provider
A part of the MAC multi-block that stored encoded patterns.
ME Crafting CPU
Crafting CPU for use in the MAC Multiblock
ME Heat Vent
Forms the outside walls of the MAC Multiblock
ME Assembler Containment Wall
Containment wall which forms the outside frame of the MAC Multiblock
ME Controller
The controller is the heart of any ME Network, it also accepts power for the network.
ME Drive
Drive which can store up to 10 Storage Cells, and provides their inventory to the network
ME Chest
A simple single storage cell machine which gives direct access to the contents of a single cell, and provides the cells inventory to the network.
ME Access Terminal
Gives full access to the entire content of an ME Network
ME Crafting Terminal
Terminal which also functions as a Crafting table.
ME Crafting Monitor
Displays information about active crafting jobs, and lets you cancel jobs.
ME Cable
Uncolored cable that can connect ME Devices.
ME Import Bus
Imports items into the network, by removing them from the connected inventories
ME Export Bus
Exprots items out of the network, by placing them into connected inventories
ME Level Emitter
Outputs redstone signals depending on the number of a configured item in the network.
ME Storage Bus
Includes an external inventory such as a chest, into the networks storage.
ME Interface
Acts like a small inventory that can import and export to the network, also used in the crafting process.
ME IO Port
Can load and unload storage cells into and out of the network connected.
ME Wireless Access Point
Provides a range of wireless access at the point where the item is placed.
ME Dark Cable
Toggleable cable which can be used to segment your network into diffrent segments to alter functionality or reduce power drain.
ME Storage Monitor
Can be configured to display the number of a specific item that are stored in the network; can also be upgraded to insert / remove that item.
ME Power Relay
Block which accepts power and relays it to attached networks
ME Transition Plane
Surface which converts anything that touches it into energy form
P2P Tunnel
Point 2 Point Tunnel which can be configured to route items/power/liquids from one point to another in a network.
Spatial Pylon
A Marker used to mark a region of space for capture or deploy ment
ME Spatial IO Port
An IO Port used to capture / deploy regions of space defined by pylons.
ME Pattern Encoder
Used to convert blank patterns, into encoded patterns.
ME Partition Editor
Configure Storage cells to hold diffrent types of items and change how your system stores items.
ME Condenser
Condenses items and blocks into raw energy which can be dispersed or converted into a few select items
ME Bus Memory Card
Memory card that can be used to store, and transfer settings